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Having too many friends on Facebook can be irritating at times. You lose track of your time once you start to scroll the useless amount of information shared on various pages. Moreover, your child might not be aware of the kind of information he has to avoid and may find it attractive. So, removing such friends from your Facebook profile becomes a necessity.

Having too many friends can be bad for your brain. It is really hard to maintain such a big friend list when you know that in real life, none of them will be ready to help you when you need. It is said that the brain loses its efficiency when it has to deal with so many people. Their moods and their activities have effects on the cognitive capacity of his brain.

Parents should keep a check on the number of unnecessary friends added to their child’s profile through Facebook friend Tracker and guide them that in this way they are jeopardizing their nearest relations. They should ask their teens to remove certain friends from their Facebook profile so that he has a limited circle to maintain and also this will be helpful in keeping your personal information private.

Also, parents can easily monitor the kind of information and page his child is surfing and help him to clean up his news feed and do their counseling for watching healthy content.