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Facebook Restricted List

What are Restricted friends on Facebook?
Facebook’s Restricted list is a component that allows users to hide posts from specific friends on Facebook by adding them to this list. Any friend can be added to or removed from this list and there’s no restriction to what number of users can be on it.

What does Restricted mean?
A Facebook friend who has been restricted has essentially been added to your Restricted list. He/she are still a Facebook friend and can speak with you on messenger. You can see his post but he can’t see yours.

How can I add friends to a Restricted list on Facebook?
Open and sign-in into your Facebook account.
Search your friend that you want to Restrict and click on his name to open his profile page.
Click on Friends button and from menu choose option “Add to another list…”
Scroll down to the bottom of this list to the one named Restricted.
Tap on it to add your friend to the Restricted list.

What Facebook posts Restricted users can see?
Facebook friends on your Restricted list can see only your Public. Public posts are identified by the earth pictogram while Friends posts have the pictogram with two people.
Before you publish your post, make sure that the Friends (people) icon is showing. If the Public (earth) icon is showing instead, tap on it and select Friends.

How Do I remove friends from a Facebook Restricted list?
To remove a Facebook friend from your Restricted list follow the same steps as above and create or choose any other list of friend

Why Should I Use a Restricted List?
Restricted list can be useful when we need to accept friend request from people that are not very close to you as coworkers and with who you don’t what to share personal posts.