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Unfriend or Unfollow

Unfriend or Unfollow?

Video transcript:
in navigating the do’s and don’ts of etiquette in this day and age certainly means how you conduct yourself on social media etiquette expert dine Gottesman here to talk a little bit about that maybe unfriending or unfollowing when it can be kind of uncomfortable whatever reason you need to cut the cord and you know most people don’t really understand the difference between an unfriend and unfollow and they’re worried if they should unfriend and follower they’re gonna get the other person’s feelings hurt so so for the just for the for this for a little game

Unfriend means and for real a friend means breaking up okay so if you want to unfriend someone you’re breaking up with them on Facebook you’re taking them after your life okay if you unfollow you’re just putting them on pause so we handing them you can see right so we have some scenarios that we’re gonna decide whether you want to unfriend are you on we sure do okay first one here casual acquaintances routinely post pictures of an extravagant lifestyle you know now they’re not nearly as fancy as they think your blood pressure boils every time you see this post do you unfriend or do you on file okay so what do you do do you want friends I’m fault I do unfollow so I think you should unfriend

Oh okay because here’s the reason boiling point the his or her blood pressure is to the boiling point and somebody bugs you that much so no if it bothers you you have the right to say I’m not do you and you can mute them but if they really bug you and they’re not really a great friend just just because they don’t know just let them go let them go gracefully unfriend them move an ex mates family still keeps in touch on Facebook unfortunately you also have to see their new girlfriend all the fun adventures they’re taking together problem is you still like the former mother-in-law unfriend run okay and for enter and follow unfriend i’m i’m french odd friend be friendly over text or telephone but move on that’s something that’s hurting that person yeah it’s not good for you it’s you know that person unfortunately yeah okay good friend believes that everyone loves her daily dinner recipes as much as she enjoys posting them detail by detail starting early in the day goes all the way to clean up after dinner you like her but you cannot and the daily meal prep yes you’re right I’m followed it’s just too much courage

I don’t a friend or ham it give me a ham but let just you can unfollow you don’t have to see the onions being cut the you know the shrimp being they pay you I know and they really love it but you cannot follow for a little while and then go jump back in when you’re ready okay okay grandma grandma comments on every single thing you posts grandma makes comments sometimes it maybe shouldn’t be shared by anybody other than the two of you unfriend or unfollow again this is this is true your grandma let’s see okay unfriend Orin follow oh wait a minute I don’t know them all I was gonna say go where you pick up the phone and you so oh so here’s the deal if you unfollow grandma she can still see your posts and comment so although you love grandma but she is very close so you can unfriend grandma because grandma prayer doesn’t know anyway and then because she is gonna continue posting even if you and follow her she can still see you like in the comments it’s the comment you talk to your boss used to be a good friend who got promoted along the way the truth is you’re a little bit jealous of the new title along with the ways of pay she’s got the opportunity now to take trips enjoy some of the finer things you don’t want to be rude but you’re just jealous you don’t see it yeah and I get it and this is all subjective but I think that you since you’re already in there you’re already friends you shouldn’t be friends with your boss on Facebook number one but you’re already friends before or and you’re still friends just unfollow mute him because you have to work with her or him every single day

I’m gonna place my ex-boss yeah boss no I think so they’re no they’re your boss because you were peers the boss used to be a good friend of God you’ve been at but you know there’s nothing wrong like Jack Nicholson talking with Markinson and a few good men will you say rejected based on how comfortable you are if you have to see them again okay okay it really close friends with this person you haven’t seen them in years still get the holiday card you still get the occasional invitation to a wedding you don’t keep up you don’t want to think that you don’t care there and unfollows there there’s their friends don’t do anything I’m not will their friends but they don’t bother you said you son follow no bar you know you don’t bother me yep why am I in this thing bother me well I can’t I don’t know because but they’re doing more work to keep up though you haven’t kept up as a friend maybe you need to help them on yeah so for you maybe you just keep them you don’t have to unfriend or five all right these are like potato chips we can keep eating these but unfortunately we’re out of time that is great stuff diet thank you so much keep this you can keep it forever besides