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Top 5 reasons for why you were unfriended on Facebook

Unfriending on Facebook happens all the time, if you haven’t been unfriended or blocked on Facebook, then you’re not doing social media right.

Here we have top 5 reason why people will unfriended you from Facebook:

1.Distribute news

Okay, everyone understood, some of your friends like to keep up with the nations. But surely you also look at newscasts and do the press magazine every day, so you do not need any more posts to feed your feed. Neither those who have messages with aggressive messages in an attempt to pay some policies to the “malicious” who upset them.

2. They give their opinion on political and social issues

Maybe it sounds pretty drastic, but people do not like reading messages about abortion, the right to hold guns, or about your political sympathies. No one cares about your visions of such serious issues. As a result, the virtual buddies who have made a habit of posting such comments have nothing to look for in your list.

3. Constantly post pictures from the fitness room

It is not wrong to include sport in your life, and from time to time a post with someone who works intensely at the gym as if it gives you an incentive to keep yourself from your promise Last year’s New Year when you proposed to do more movement. But they are already aggressors who post pictures from the clock in the hour by dragging the beasts. The same goes for the “raw” housewives who think someone is interested in the pumpkin seed salad they just “cooked”. Besides, they make you feel guilty that you know the number of the guy who delivers the pizza. That does not do you any good, so you better give up on such friends!

4. If they want to sell you something

Facebook can be the perfect platform for those who want to make money from you. Not everyone wants to know about those products, much less you, so you know what to do.

5. Pretend to be happy

Maybe you do not feel good when you see that a close friend on the list has a photography on the wall where he shows up marvelously having fun with friends while you sit on Netflix and watch the series. But you know very well that the picture was made two weeks ago, and the one who liked to post it late does not feel as good as he wants to let go. Studies show that over 50 percent of those who post pictures with their friends, are tender with their life partners or their babies are, in fact, unhappy. So also if they suffer that they have lost someone dear. It is said that the crippling suffering is half simulated, so those who show their pain on the wall are looking only for attention.