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Install Unfriend Checker Firefox Addon for Facebook

Install Unfriend Checker Firefox Addon for Facebook: Steps to install this addon: 1. Download and unzip Unfriend Checker Firefox Addon archive (Click here to download) 1. Open Firefox menu 2. Click Add-ons or use CTRL+SHIFT+A or type in browser address bar about:addons 3. Select from Settings icon Install Add-on From File… 4. Load Unfriend Checker […]

Why People Remove Friends on Facebook?

Having too many friends on Facebook can be irritating at times. You lose track of your time once you start to scroll the useless amount of information shared on various pages. Moreover, your child might not be aware of the kind of information he has to avoid and may find it attractive. So, removing such […]

Facebook Restricted List

What are Restricted friends on Facebook?

What are Restricted friends on Facebook? Facebook’s Restricted list is a component that allows users to hide posts from specific friends on Facebook by adding them to this list. Any friend can be added to or removed from this list and there’s no restriction to what number of users can be on it. What does […]

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Unfriending and Becoming Unfriended on Facebook

Abstract: When using social networking services, such as Facebook, it is easy to become friends with other users. Unfriending (or defriending) is easy as well, requiring only that a user click on Facebook’s “Unfriend” button. This chapter highlights the types of friends who are most often unfriended on Facebook, the role of unfriending in connection […]

Facebook friends removal

Facebook friends removal

How to delete all your friend at once? This extension will helps you find and delete inactive Facebook friends in your friends list. Fast and easily unfriend a few or remove all at once. Main features + Get control of who’s on your friends list. Download Unfriend Checker extension for Chrome Unfriend Checker add-on for […]

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Unfriend tracker

Track your social network friends! Unfriend Tracker is an online tool of tracking your social network friends. Keep track of who you are friends with and who has unfriended you. See illustrative graphs of your friendship activity based on when new connections occur or are removed. Works on all major social networks, so monitor your […]