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Install Unfriend Checker Firefox Addon for Facebook

Install Unfriend Checker Firefox Addon for Facebook: Steps to install this addon: 1. Download and unzip Unfriend Checker Firefox Addon archive (Click here to download) 1. Open Firefox menu 2. Click Add-ons or use CTRL+SHIFT+A or type in browser address bar about:addons 3. Select from Settings icon Install Add-on From File… 4. Load Unfriend Checker […]

Why People Remove Friends on Facebook?

Having too many friends on Facebook can be irritating at times. You lose track of your time once you start to scroll the useless amount of information shared on various pages. Moreover, your child might not be aware of the kind of information he has to avoid and may find it attractive. So, removing such […]

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Who unfriended me on Facebook

Unfriend Checker The easiest FREE way to check who unfriended you on Facebook! Unfriend Checker is an app available from 2014 with over 20K members. As functionality, this app will read and save your Facebook friends list and will compare results each time when the app is executed. App can detect also deactivated accounts. App […]

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What are Restricted friends on Facebook?

What are Restricted friends on Facebook? Facebook’s Restricted list is a component that allows users to hide posts from specific friends on Facebook by adding them to this list. Any friend can be added to or removed from this list and there’s no restriction to what number of users can be on it. What does […]

Unfriend or Unfollow

Unfriend or Unfollow?

Unfriend or Unfollow? Video transcript: in navigating the do’s and don’ts of etiquette in this day and age certainly means how you conduct yourself on social media etiquette expert dine Gottesman here to talk a little bit about that maybe unfriending or unfollowing when it can be kind of uncomfortable whatever reason you need to […]

How to unfriend someone in real life

How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life

From time to time, I am unpleasantly surprised to learn that I was unfriended on Facebook. If that friend is a person I met once and probably will never see, I do not mind. Sometimes, however, I feel unhappy with people I know well – people I’ll probably see again. Video translate: this is a […]

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Unfriending and Becoming Unfriended on Facebook

Abstract: When using social networking services, such as Facebook, it is easy to become friends with other users. Unfriending (or defriending) is easy as well, requiring only that a user click on Facebook’s “Unfriend” button. This chapter highlights the types of friends who are most often unfriended on Facebook, the role of unfriending in connection […]